Keep Jamming All Day on Your Way to Greatness with WJPMG 106FM

July 5, 2017


When you want to escape the stress of the day, you probably tune in to your favorite station to get uplifted. You can listen in your car but today most are listening in on the smartphones, tablets and computers. Yes the phenomenon of streaming music and podcasting have converged and made it easy get motivation and inspiration on demand and on the go!

That’s why motivational speaker, Dr. Walter Sims, has embarked on being a station owner/host and paving the way for other motivational speakers to share their voice with the world. His station, WJPMG, is the place where he says, “we’re just people motivating greatness. That’s where the station call letters JPMG come from. I am known as the minister of motivation so I wanted to be part of an online platform that inspires and encourage people 24/7. “Sims and his partner, Juan Martinez, are committed to “keeping people motivated and jamming all day long,” which is the one-year-old, online station’s tagline.

“Authors, speakers or life coaches interested in having a spot on the station can do so if they are in line with our vision of motivation and inspiring greatness in others. If we’re a good fit, we will offer them a time slot in increments of 30 minutes,” said Sims. “They can do a weekly show for 30 minutes as a solo showsor do a couple of hours doing a daily talk show. They can even get sponsors for their show.”

Dr. Walter Sims is certified life coach and award-winning author of “Living Motivated – The Beattitudes of Living a Motivated Life.” A spiritual leader by profession, Dr. Sims holds a Master of Ministry degree, Doctorate of Divinity degree and aims at motivating persons towards greatness by helping them realize their life’s purpose.


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