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Be featured in SPEAKERS MAGAZINE. This is INFLUENCER MARKETING on steroids. 

Showcase Your Speaker Reel!

What is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.
The professional speaking business is a multibillion dollar industry and growing. SPEAKERS Magazine provides a ready-made platform for speakers to get in front of influencers who make decisions about what speakers they want to hire.  
SPEAKERS is also the OFFICIAL MAGAZINE of THE BLACK SPEAKERS NETWORK (with more than 5,000 members). Our publication showcases professional speakers and shares secrets and tips on what the mega stars in the speaking industry have done and are doing to build their careers. SPEAKERS Magazine tagline: The Magazine That Feeds and Features Speakers.


This magazine has been around less than 5 years and already speakers are getting media interviews like radio and TV appearances (like Renee Beavers) and getting $7500 for keynotes like Genma Holmes! One speaker, Dr. Portia Lockett who also ran an advertorial is the keynoting several times a month ever since.

So… SPEAKERS is a prime source to clearly reach INFLUENCERS who can help catapult speaking careers by being strategically distributed MONTHLY at professional conferences, mailed to event planners, visitor bureaus and broadcast media outlets via my private media list.



We also promote featured speakers advertorials via our arsenal of social media channels, email lists, podcasts, blogs and website. The online issue, which can be downloaded for free, is always available on our website at along with speaker reels of all the advertorials of each speaker.
Please call Publisher Pam Perry at (248) 690-6810 to place your advertorial so you can promote your speaking career to new heights via SPEAKERS Magazine – or email her at:

How to Get Started

➡ Publication’s printed size is 5.5” x 8.5” (Digest size)

➡ Advertorial Package Cost: $250.00 

To have your page developed and inserted online and in hard cover, please send the following elements by the 25th of the previous month:

  • 2-3 Photos (with one preferably of you speaking)
  • A speaker reel (for the website) if available
  • 150 Word Bio with your website/contact info with social media handles ·
  • Send your mailing address so may send 10 hard copies of the publication for your promotional use and to mail to prospective sponsors, conference hosts or church leaders and put in your media kit 

All advertorials receive a “sign off” proof before printing (You will also receive a jpg file that may used in social media, your website and/or your email newsletter)

Complete the form below to send your elements.  After you complete the form and click “Continue,” you will be taken to the payment page to make your payment.

So, you want to get out there? Ready, Set, Go – Speak is your tool to get known and get paid!

As I always say, THOSE THAT SHOW UP, GO UP!

– Pam Perry, Your PR Coach and Publisher of Speakers Magazine

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