Our Story

Pam Perry is the publisher of Speakers Magazine. She is also the President of Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc. Over the last 20 years, Perry has worked with authors, speakers, preachers, coaches, subject matter experts, thought leaders and celebrities.

The mission: To Market the Message. Perry is very clear on her calling. She is an expert in promoting those who have a passion and fortitude to change the world.

That’s why she’s been able to work on publicity campaigns for T.D. Jakes, The Secret Life of Bees, Dr. Myles Monroe, former CNN anchor, the late Andria Hall, Valorie Burton, Michelle McKinney Hammond, Bishop Paul Morton, Taffi Dollar, Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook, Bonnie St. John, Bishop Donald Hilliard – and hundreds more.  In addition, she was also the contracted publicist for major publishing houses like Random House, Harvest House, Harrison House, Moody Publishers, Waterbrook Press, and Judson Press.

Pam and George Fraser

Clients have been featured in media from ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, O Magazine, Essence, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), The Word Network, SGN The Light, Radio One Network, Steve Harvey Morning Show, NPR, Black Enterprise, The Wall Street Journal, Detroit Free Press and News, Gospel Today, AURN and many more…

She’s also been a firm believer in building up the platforms of those who have a message but are not a “household name” YET.  She’s has a heart, drive, desire, and expertise to construct a winning brand and provide a platform for speakers and authors. If Perry believes in you, she’ll get you out there!

That’s why she was one of the first to create a podcast to feature African American Christian authors, The Chocolate Pages Show. When main media wouldn’t give “shine” to her authors/speakers, Perry created Speakers Magazine and partnered with the Black Speakers Network.  The Magazine and BSN organization both won awards at SpeakerCon for being the best publication and organization for Speakers.

So, why is Perry starting a speaker’s bureau?

“It’s an evolution and culmination of all the things in my career. From being a featured writer, Emmy-Award winning TV producer, publicist, radio host, ad agency PR director, journalism teacher, event planner, media sales executive – I consider representing speakers my zenith. I believe this is the pinnacle of what I was born to do – to market, promote and bring speakers to audiences where they can share their life-changing messages – and get paid.”

Why Selective Speakers Bureau is different from the typical speaker’s bureau:

“I didn’t want to list hundreds of speakers on a website and make them feel like cattle. I hate when bureaus treat everyone like a mass-produced widget. I am different because I care; we take time to really know our speakers so we can market, promote and connect them with the right opportunities,” said Perry.  “I am here to promote and grow the speakers’ business.”

Our Methods

Working with only experienced speakers, the Selective Speakers Bureau will require all speakers to fill out an application and be interviewed. If it’s a fit, the speaker is selected and Perry will go to work to book them for gigs, media interviews and get them connected to their ideal clients.

“It’s really more than a one and done for me. Speakers can be authors. Authors can be coaches. They’re all experts – and they’re all entrepreneurs. So, my main mission is to help them be successful in their business by introducing them to customers and clients they wouldn’t normally run into in their circle of influence.”

Her network is strong and Selective Speakers Bureau will promote clients by:

  1. Direct mail
  2. Email marketing
  3. Awards submissions
  4. Personal phone calls
  5. Podcasts and FB Lives
  6. Social media marketing
  7. Speakers Magazine coverage
  8. Regular postcard mailings to targeted lists
  9. Press releases and media pitching/bookings
  10. Distributing materials at key trade shows and conferences

In addition, the Selective Speakers Bureau will also monitor and manage “call for speaker” searches by selecting which ones fit the speaker and then submitting their materials.

The Selective Speakers Bureau takes 20% to 35% of engagements booked based on the package the speaker selects.

  • We Help Authors & Speakers Find Speaking Opportunities in Their Target Market
  • We Get You Booked on Podcast Shows
  • We Pitch and Book Your Local & National Media

What makes Selective Speakers Bureau different?

We help you to create value-driven connections that propel your speaking career to become a legend in your field.

Interested? Click here to fill out the application to be considered.

We look forward to working with you!


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