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September 6, 2018


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I am Sarita Pittman, founder of Atiras International Coaching Academy. I am an Executive Coach and I provide affordable career training by way of my ICF Accredited Coaching Certification Program. The Coaching industry is an extremely lucrative career for those willing to put in the work. It’s truly a career that is centered around authenticity, creativity, and a person’s skill set. As of 2016, the average yearly salary for a Professional Coach was a bit over $82k. Coaches earn their hefty salary from various things. Such as; webinars, books, workshops, speaking engagements, and online course sales.  


What inspired you to help other women build wealth? 
I saw my Grandmother at an early age acquire a massive amount of wealth. She was truly a self-made millionaire. However, she never mastered maintaining it. Naturally, entrepreneurship was a part of who I am, but along my success path, I could see how and why my grandmother had the experiences she had. This is what inspires me to help women obtain and maintain wealth. If my experiences can help one, my job is done.  What top 2 tips would you share with ladies who may find it challenging to profit from their passion?
Embrace the creator mindset over the consumer mindset. Accept the fact that someone is getting paid more for doing what you do half as good as you do. Let go of the guilt of charging.How does one’s spiritual life connect to experiencing financial abundance, in your opinion?
Faith in nothing is dangerous. As a person living in the top 2% of the world’s earners, sacrifice was a prerequisite. The sacrifice season is when you have to believe when you don’t feel like believing. You will have days when you question yourself, your purpose, and position. That’s when the God you serve serves you up an extra dose of strength. Without faith and relationship, the building process can take you out. You must believe in the God of your prayers. If not, how else will they get answered? What is next for you in 2019? 
Global expansion and the Success Without Walls Conference. Our program is pitching a tent in all 50 states and a few international territories too. The Success Without Walls is going to be amazing! It’s open to Coaches, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs. It’s going to be an event you can’t miss. How can readers connect with you online and through social media?
Facebook: Sarita Pittman, Get Coached Up Now
IG: Atiras_International
LinkedIn: Sarita Pittman
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Sarita Pittman

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  1. Good morning, I was drawn to your post through Facebook. What intrigued me was the fact that we have the same first name (Sarita) as well as the same tag name (Atiras) which is unique within itself. I am interested in opening up a training center for Youth ages 12 to 21, and would love to get your expert advice.

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