Anthony D. Shannon: Man on a Mission

September 13, 2017



Anthony Shannon is encouraging people around the globe to pursue their purpose and passion for living. Through his renowned “Prophetic Knights”monthly gathering and radio show of the same name, he teaches and mentors people to be their personal best. Shannon, who is also a Senior Pastor of Victory Church International, is the founder of a nonprofit that has given tons of food to the community in the Westland area over the last five years. The Non-Profit 501C3 is MGMP Of Detroit CDC and THE GIVER CLUB.

Shannon is a Commander Chaplain with Detroit Police Department (DPDCC) and a Major Chaplain with the Wayne County Sherriff Department where he is helping women and men alike to positively change their lives. He does so with a unique blend of ministry, personal enrichment seminars and life skill workshops. Simply put, Shannon’s gift is in helping others to transform their lives from the broken places to a place of fulfillment and purpose.

Outside of his duties as a Pastor, he is a noted community leader and businessman. He is also a highly sought-after national motivational speaker, conference workshop presenter, life coach, as well as TV host at TCT Network.

As a speaker, Shannon has shared transformational messages in churches, town halls, convention centers, hotels, corporate venues, schools and prisons around the world. He is a powerful inspirational speaker, who encourages others with uplifting messages, relevant life stories and life skills that apply in both the faith based and industry sectors.

Beyond his impressive academic background and professional accomplishments, Shannon will tell you with a smile, that he is blessed because he always says, “find your purpose and live your life, because life without purpose is like living life not at all.”

To book Shannon or to connect with him, go to:

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