Peter Archangel: Financial Coach

September 13, 2017


Peter Archangel is an inspirational speaker, author and financial coach. His passion is help individuals and organizations successfully manage money and get on the path to financial independence.

Peter Archangel is a retired automotive executive with more than 30 years of experience in the financial services field, and is a Dave Ramsey trained financial counselor. He is the author of “Success Is God’s Idea: Keys to Living a Prosperous Life” where he presents an expository look into the rudiments of fulfillment and true success.

Here are some of Peter’s Tips and Strategies:

Determine Your Money Philosophy
Philosophy in general means a perspective, or a way of thinking. The way you think about money determines how much of it you accumulate and your financial freedom more than any other factor. Your attitude toward money affects your emotions and your motivations.

Develop financial Plan
Everyone should have a financial plan. You should prepare a written account of intended future course of action aimed at achieving a specific objective(s) within a specific timeframe. Your plan should explain in detail what needs to be done.

Be willing to make the necessary adjustments
Your financial well-being will not improve automatically. It’s much easier to change your philosophy than to change the world around you. People with an effective money philosophy change what they think and do if necessary. They regularly adjust and most importantly they never quit.

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