Find YOUR Fierce by Nicole Roberts Jones

September 14, 2019



Find Your FIERCE:  The 4 Steps To Align Your Purpose With Your Paycheck 

In this interactive workshop, Nicole reveals her step-by step-process, known as her FIERCE Framework, that she has used to coach thousands of women to create a life of purpose, power, and profit. Get the drive it takes to step fully into the gift that no one else has but YOU. Set your life and career on a mission to be the woman you were BORN to be!! Participants will learn:

  • How to define your purpose (your fierce) and use it as the foundation for creating a career that will give you greater meaning & fulfillment.
  • Learn how to package your purpose into the very thing a group of people identify as the answer to their need.
  • Packaging that need into the way you serve the world via your next best role at work or to start your business alongside your 9 to 5. 

Bankroll Your Brilliance

Spending more time in your business is NOT the way to more income, but systems and solid strategy are a surefire way to creating a viable, scalable business. In this interactive workshop, Nicole walks you through her 3-step system that teaches you how to generate multiple streams of income and create a greater bandwidth to serve more clients in half the time. You will learn:

  • How To Get Clear on The Transformation You Provide that People WILL Pay for.
  • Why You Do NOT Need To Quit Your 9 to 5 as She Teaches You How To Build Your Business Alongside it.
  • How To Create Multiple Streams of Income From What You Already Know PLUS How To Make Money While You Sleep.


PRESS For It!  How To Move Into Your NEXT Level of SuccessMany successful women wonder why they have everything they have ever wanted and yet there is this thing rumbling inside of their belly calling them out to MORE.  In this powerful workshop based on bible verse Philippians 3:14, Nicole gives you the three steps that will move you beyond your current success into all that’s possible for you. To stop focusing on what you have already done as she walks you through how that soul stirring is actually God calling you out to press into your next level and the steps you need to go AFTER it!

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