Communicating with Confidence By Bennie W. Fowler

June 1, 2020


Over the past few months, I have spent quite a bit of time working on becoming a great speaker. I have spent time reviewing old speech film, reviewing written feedback from previous speeches, talking to people who have seen me speak before and talking to people who have seen me prior to speeches. In addition, I am doing my own personal reflections to form the basis of the plan to continue to advance my skills to communicate with confidence.

 I have been watching and listening to speakers who have made a memorable impression on me as I listen to the messages from these very confident speakers. My first reflection is that I am always nervous no matter how big or small the audience. I coined the phrase thinking correctly under pressure T.C.U.P.

I have to start with the fundamentals: Who is the audience, what is the theme of the event, size of the venue, projections devices. Starting with an outline of concepts to be discussed and notes under each concept to guide my thoughts. I use 3 by 5 cards in prepping as well as at the event to help me relax and remember the key points that I want to make. Practice, practice, practice.

Film and tape your practice session. Make sure the content and themes are delivered, review the cadence, pace and passion of delivery and make adjustments as required. I am working to own the message, being authentic and using my own personal experiences to help shape the message.  Positive thinking is a must. Accepting speeches that unite people, cause change, and help yourself and others achieve their business and personal goals can aid in building a mindset of service success. The world needs more mentors and speakers to help make the world a better place . So have fun becoming a great speaker and continue to make a difference in the lives of all you are blessed to touch with your message.

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